Learning & Evaluation

D3 Associates supports organizations and initiatives in developing approaches and strategies for learning and evaluation for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of current and future action on the ground.  Our particular focus is on supporting the strategic thinking and implementation of change initiatives that are facing the dual challenge of engaging people from different backgrounds and perspectives while continuously adapting to evolving contexts. Our approach follows the action-reflection cycle (illustrated here) that is basic to all action learning.  In addition, as illustrated in the graphic, we emphasize the importance of understanding context.  This reflects our assumption that change strategies must be tailored to specific contexts and must be able to sense and adapt to changes in context as they proceed.  We also advocate an approach to strategy development that brings to light the assumptions informing strategic choices (“theories of change”) and documents this critical thinking in ways that support ongoing reflection and can help to create the kind of resilient, adaptive implementation of strategy required for achieving effective and lasting results, particularly in complex settings.

Principles that inform our approach to learning and evaluation

  1. Participatory engagement
  2. Critical reflection
  3. Evidence-based - accountability
  4. Appreciative lens

Our services include

  • Working with organizations and initiatives to design and implement effective program design, learning and evaluation systems
  • Designing and conducting external program evaluations
  • Developing case studies, organizational histories, learning histories that capture experience so that it can be shared
  • Facilitating group learning around case studies or histories