Clair Sherry Immediato - President Society for Organizational Learning

Posted by Philip

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“Philip was part of a team to provide an innovative leadership development experience for teams interested in improving health and the delivery of health care. I chose Philip based on the recommendation of a long time colleague. Philip has a great approach to helping people articulate their models of change and to recognize that they might not be seeing the whole picture and/or what they think they see isn't so. His approach is intellectually impressive and enormously accessible (with a healthy dose of humor and fun too). This produces great insights for those he works with, and the potential for lasting impact. I have really enjoyed working with Philip in the process of co-designing the larger offering for these participants. I especially appreciated that I could completely count on him to be responsible for his own piece and manage it in a way that was well-integrated into the larger design. At the same time, he made important contributions to the rest of the design and to participating in the session as a co-designer of the whole. I look forward to working with Philip again in the future.”