What makes D3 Distinctive

Like all good practitioners, we understand that the ultimate goal of working in an inclusive, participatory way is to produce results – concrete steps toward positive outcomes.  Our approach to achieving results is distinctive in the level of attention it directs to four fundamental building blocks of sustainable results.

The Four Fundamentals

  1. Quality of action, by which we mean coordinated action across different groups and diverse perspectives based on mutual understanding and trust;
  2. Quality of thinking, by which we mean the co-intelligence that arises in groups when people make visible and reflect together upon the assumptions and perspectives that guide their thinking and actions;
  3. Quality of relationships, by which we mean interactions characterized by trust and effective communication, made possible when individuals adopt a stance of learning, empathy and openness to self-examination;
  4. Quality of process, by which we mean organizing and conducting group events, as well as managing all the interactions around and in between events, in a way that helps create and support the other three building blocks.

From working in many different contexts and systematizing experiences from around the world, we have seen how change initiatives can suffer if one of these essential aspects is over-emphasized to the detriment of others.  Our focus is on holding them all in creative balance.  We are able to do this because we can draw on an eclectic mix of process tools, as well as “thinking tools” from many different disciplines and traditions, to work with the specific characteristics and needs of each group and adapt to changing conditions.