What does D3 do?

Our current work falls into two main categories:

Providing services: we act as thinking partners, advisors and coaches in support of participatory strategy development and decision-making.  This may include process design, event facilitation and other services that support learning, such as program evaluation, action inquiry or sense making through case studies or learning histories.   We also offer in-person and virtual training and coaching on dialogue process design and dialogue skills, negotiation, mediation and reflective practices and tools, such as learning histories  

Developing resources: we are committed to systematizing and making widely accessible the knowledge of the field.  We are researching and writing a practical guide to process design that builds on our previous work, Democratic Dialogue—A Handbook for Practitioners, and incorporates our learning from interviewing advanced practitioners representing different approaches and disciplines and from working with the Generative Change Community and other networks and communities in the field.