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D3’s associates are experienced professionals committed to helping organizations, teams and communities achieve sustainable change through effective collaborative action. We partner with a network of talented colleagues (profiled below) who share our values and bring specialized expertise to enhance the services we offer. To learn more about our mission and distinctive approach, check out our list of “frequently asked questions” (faqs), below. And sample some Photo Journals to get a more dynamic sense of the quality of group interactions we try to create.  

Philip Thomas and Bettye Pruitt have been working together since 2004, when we joined a joint UNDP-OAS-International IDEA team to produce a practitioner handbook on dialogue, the project that led to Democratic Dialogue – A Handbook for Practitioners (2007). Since then we have worked with clients and offered workshops together in the Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, North America, as well as Central and South America.

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Our Colleagues
We partner with a network of talented colleagues who share our values and commitment to excellence and bring specialized expertise to enhance the services we offer. 

Tim Thomas is known photographically, for his eye in composition, mastery of complicated lighting scenarios, and mature aesthetic judgment. In 2007, he was appointed Director of Photography for the American Airlines CR Smith Museum, in Ft Worth, Tx. During the last two decades, Tim has traveled into 45 countries throughout the world photographing nature, fashion, dance, aviation, and large business conventions. D3 has appreciated drawing on Tim's artistic ability to capture and document group experiences and interactions during workshops, meetings and dialogues in a way that allows those groups to relive key moments and reflect on the significance of these lived experiences. See a sample of our photo journals created by Tim.   Visit TimThomasGallery.

Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church is Founder of Besa, a social enterprise committed to catalyzing strategic change.  She is a dear colleague whose work in the fields of peacebuilding and human security, as well as her extensive experience with program design, monitoring and evaluation consistently demonstrates a commitment to rigor and excellence.   Cheyanne specializes in strategy development, learning, accountability systems, change management and evaluation for social change. In addition to her consulting practice, she teaches courses on Program Design and Evaluation, Human Security, Corruption and Conflict in the Fletcher School at Tufts University. 
Jesse Sostrin (Sostrin Consulting) is committed to helping socially responsible organizations and their leaders generate meaningful results, and in turn, leverage that success for the greater good. Serving as an executive coach, consultant, author and speaker, Jesse consistently demonstrates a unique ability to distill often contentious and complex ideas into useful insights that promote clear understanding and potential for collaborative decision-making.  He has extensive experience working in the fields of leadership development, human and organizational development, mediation, and dialogue, deliberation and public engagement (DDPE).
The CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution is committed to furthering the research and extending the application of an innovative theory and practice of communication known as the Coordinated Management of Meaning for the purpose of enhancing our collective abilities to create better social worlds.   Much of our work at D3 has been significantly influenced by Barnett Pearce who dedicated his life as a scholar-practitioner to helping those committed to the work of social change to understand and explore the implications of "taking a communications perspective" on the work we do.  

Over a decade ago, Steve Waddell identified global action networks (GANs) as an organizational form and became a thought leader and community organizer for GANs and for many other individuals and groups interested in societal learning and change – another term coined and given significance by Steve. He is a prolific author, with a new book, Global Action Networks: Creating our Future Together (2011), and he shares his current thinking on about networks and change strategies on his blog. We have worked with Steve in various contexts and roles for many years, and we treasure the passion, energy and focus he brings to every assignment along with his personal integrity, warmth and humor.

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