Catalyzing change through collaborative action

D3 Associates is committed to promoting excellence in dialogue, deliberation and decision making. We support leaders in organizations and communities around the world who are wrestling with tough issues that require working together with others from different backgrounds and perspectives. We have over 20 years of experience and have worked with heads of state and corporate executives as well as leaders of communities and indigenous groups, government institutions, inter-governmental organizations and a variety of civil-society organizations, from local to international. Our reports and publications have been recognized for their strength of analysis and usefulness of recommendations.

Our services are flexible and tailored, drawing on a wide range of approaches, methods and tools. We also provide resources to enable others to access and use valuable knowledge and knowhow related to participatory, collaborative processes for enabling collective action. Our blog shares our perspectives on the diverse philosophies, concepts, processes and practitioners that we see contributing to the world’s capacity for collective thinking and action.